Willy Conley
*Member of the Dramatists Guild
* Master of Arts, Creative Writing (Playwriting), Boston University
Published Writings:  Fiction, plays, poetry, essays
“Vignettes of the Deaf Character;” collection of 12 plays
Broken Spokes, a play
Deaf American Prose, 2 stories: 
“The Ear”, “Characters in El Paso”
“Deaf American Poetry;” 3 poems:
“A Deaf Baptism”, “The Miller of Moments”, Salt in the Basement”
“No Walls of Stone;” short story, poem, & one-act play: “One Frame Per Second”, “The Seawall”, “The Hearing Test”
“Deaf World”; two chapters:
“Away from Invisibility, Toward Invincibility”, In Search of the Perfect Sign Language Script”
“The Deaf Way II Anthology”
short story & 3 poems
American Theatre “From Lipreading Ants to Flying Over Cuckoo Nests”
UnchARTed, cover story about
National Theatre of the Deaf
The Tactile Mind, 
“The water falls.”, a play
TYA Today, “The Universal Drum”
a dramatic poem
Kaleidoscope, short story:
“A Photographic Memory”
The Tactile Mind, short story:
The Tactile Mind, short story:
“Sifting Dirt”
Stages of Transformation, Sidebar
Deaf Students in Postsecondary Education, personal essay: “From Kindergarten to College”
NTID Focus, Sidebar: 
“Warm & Inspiring”
Inbetween Magazine, short story:
“Island of Intrigue”
“Signing the Body Poetic,” chapter on my writings: “Visual Screaming...”; excerpts from a play:
Teaching from the Heart and Soul, writings quoted
Autobiography as Haiku,
Washington Post
Urbanite, vignette: “The Face of Grace”
Hearing Health,
non-fiction article: “The Loneliest Game in the World”
Hearing Health, short story: “The Horn”
Online essay:: “America Needs More Visual Theatre”